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Diesel injector cleaner treats 132 Gallons 500 litres Made in the USA dissolves gum varnish and carbon deposits. Stops engine hesitation. Improves mpg and performance. 32floz size.
Why Should You Use Fuel Injector Cleaners?
It’s important to maintain and clean your fuel injectors on a regular basis. If you fail to clean them frequently and properly, your fuel injectors may end up suffering from the following problems:
Blocked or unclean fuel injectors
Fuel injectors not closing or not opening
Leaks in the nozzles of the fuel injectors
These happen if unnecessary deposits of fuel residue or foreign substances like rust settle on your injectors. It could also occur when your injector is over-heated or when the car has not undergone servicing for a long time. To avoid all these problems, it is important to clean your car injection system regularly and properly. By cleaning it well, your car gasoline consumption will be optimum, and it will give you good mileage.
The Major Benefits of Using Fuel Injector Cleaners Are:
Reduced maintenance cost and requirements. By using a good fuel injector cleaner, you can limit the frequencies of car maintenance by ensuring it is kept clean.
Optimum performance.Maintaining the fuel injector clean ensures that delivery of fuel is done in an efficient manner.
Increased life span of the fuel injector. By cleaning your fuel injector regularly, you can prolong its life span.
Before and After Using A Fuel Injector Cleaner
The Major Consideration for Fuel Additives 
1. Cleaning Potency
If your cleaning additive doesn’t offer the needed service, what is it for? After all, their work is to offer proper cleaning of the injectors. Therefore, when purchasing a fuel injector, it’s always important to give this factor the top consideration before narrowing down to other factors.
2. Cost Efficiency
Being cost efficient is a top consideration for most of us. We made this consideration when analyzing fuel injector cleaner on the market. 

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