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How to Wash and Wax Your Car in 15 Minutes

We all want our cars to look great without a lot of time, effort or money involved, right? I have discovered that waterless wash and shine products work the best to resolve all 3 issues. Check out this video to see how to wash and wax your car in 15 minutes…



As you have probably noticed, you can find many waterless car wash products on the market. Of course, some work better than others. So, where does Prolong’s Wash & Shine product fall?

Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine 17 Ounce Spray Bottle (5 Car Washes)

1. This Wash & Shine Works Harder to Remove Debris

First of all, most waterless washes loosen and lift dirt from your vehicle’s surface after you spray them on. However, not all of them work to dissolve stuck-on bugs, bird droppings and tree sap.

Just so you know,Prolong Wash and Shinedoes (because it has a unique citrus-based formula).

Therefore, you don’t have to buy additional products for the tougher gunk. Nor, do you have to spend extra time trying to scrape it off.

2. Use One Car Wash Product to Do Virtually Everything

Second, you can use this product on a variety of exterior surfaces. In fact, it’s specially-designed to perform well on multiple materials.

For example, it works safely on the paint finish, chrome, wheel rims, plastic trim (even painted plastic), headlamp covers and glass. (Note: don’t use on tire, vinyl tops or fabric).

Again, this convenient feature helps you save time and money by not having to purchase multiple cleaning products

3. Waterless Wash & Shine Requires No Buffing


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