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Polishing Metal

Most vehicles will have a certain amount of metal, whether it be wheels, bumpers, bull bars or more. It is important not to forget these in the polishing process! Metal gets very dull very easily. You want your chrome to shine just as much as the paint. Although some normal car polishes will work on metal surfaces, the best results are found with metal polishes.

For touch ups on the chrome, use our Purple Metal Polish. This product will make your metal surfaces look like a mirror!

Metal with some oxidisation will require a deeper clean. Try our Aluminum Deoxidizer before using the Purple Metal Polish to clean off all cloudy marks, rust, bugs and pretty much anything else.


The last step in the washing and detailing process is the wax. Once you have polished off the surface of your paint and buffed out all imperfections, waxing your car will give it a protective layer to seal it off. Waxes create protection from environmental factors such as sun damage, rain, and even dust.

There are 2 main types of waxes which people use. Natural and Synthetic.

Natural waxes usually consist of carnauba wax and provide a thick and warm glossy shine. They don’t last as long as synthetic waxes but provide a deep conditioning to your paint.

Synthetic waxes are a type of chemically engineered paint sealant. The shine is more reflective than natural waxes and lasts much longer due to the polymers in the compound. However, they don’t provide the same level of protection and conditioning which natural waxes do.

For more information about the differences between Natural and Synthetic waxes, read our blog HERE


Filler waxes

These waxes contain things called fillers which fill swirls and scratches, but does not fix them. The fillers also tend to dull the paint rather than create a great shine. These fillers are good for quick and cheap fixes but will not give lasting or professional results. 


Combination waxes

There are a few combinations which can save you time and money if you choose the right ones.

Hybrids- These have a mix of both natural and synthetic waxes present. This is a good compromise- the durability of the synthetic wax and the protection of the natural wax. However, you won’t get the best of both worlds with this option.

Cleaner/wax- This options provides polish cleaning properties with a natural wax protection layer. California Custom Products offers the M-Ron Glass- Cleaner wax. 100% clear coat safe.

Cleaner/sealant- This option is the same, providing polish cleaning properties but with a synthetic wax shine layer.

Make sure you know what your vehicle requires before using the product. You may find that your paint is in top shape and will only require a clean and wash. On the other hand, you may have some tough marks which will require a deeper polish. 


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