California custom M Ron Glass


NO !...M.RON GLASS IS NOT A GLASS CLEANER Its a wax polish adds life to your finish while protecting the surface with the finest available pure “no1 carnauba.and making the finish just like glass .It will clean Wax and seal and protect and leave a crystal clear shine. So what's different to others out there?  Because of how this works we recommend to let it sit and bake in the sun for 15 to 30 minutes and you will get a deeper shine and unbelievable luster.  IT WILL NEVER BAKE ITSELF ON AND CAN BE APPLIED IN DIRECT SUN EVEN ON BLACK CARS..And will literally dust right off! It will not stick or leave horrible white residue. Will not streak or leave swirls.  THERE ARE NO ABRASIVES NO SILICONE NO AMMONIA AND NO FILLERS. In this product it is a cleaner and wax. Also great for chrome stainless etc This is a concentrated product .