Mothers speed wax
Speed your way to a brilliant shine!

Mothers Speed Spray Wax is the solution to a quick and slick shine! Remove finger prints, dust and smudges while increasing gloss and, most importantly, adding protection! Specially formulated color enhancers make black, red, and blue appear darker and infinitely deep; silver and white will appear crisper and brighter. Your paint will have a “just waxed” feel after every application of Mothers Speed Spray Wax.

Mothers Speed Spray Wax can be used as often as you see fit. This 100% synthetic formula will not build up on the surface!Mothers Speed Spray Wax is available exclusively in a hefty 24 oz. container so one bottle will last months, even when applied on a weekly basis. 
Use Mother's Speed Spray Wax as often as you like - it will boost your exisiting wax and maintain that shine you love!

Mothers Speed Spray Wax is the fastest way to a show-car shine – it’s so easy to use that anyone can do it! Did we mention Mothers Speed Spray Wax will not stain plastic trim or leave a white residue on chrome trim? Use Mothers Speed Spray Wax on all hard, smooth exterior surfaces.

Mothers wasn’t messing around when they formulated Speed Spray Wax. This wax is so concentrated that you use it as a drying aid! After you wash your vehicle and rinse it off, mist Mothers Speed Spray Wax onto each panel as you dry it. There’s no faster way to a brilliant shine!

24 oz.

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