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Poorboy's SSR-2.5 super-swirl - remover

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Poorboy's SSR-2.5 super-swirl - remover
Poorboy's SSR-2.5 super-swirl - remover

Poorboy's World SSR-2.5 Super Swirl Remover is in the middle of our Super Swirl Remover line, SSR-3 is a heavy compound while SSR-1 is very light we created SSR-2.5 to have more bite than SSR-2 but less than SSR-3 so it can tackle most paint conditions but finish down nicely. This medium abrasive is for removal of moderate to heavy swirls, oxidation, moderate to severe scratches, polishing, and moderate to severe over-spray. SSR-2.5 restores luster and shine to your finish. SSR-2.5 is "Body Shop Safe" and does not contain wax, silicone, or gloss enhancers, what you see is what you get, there is never a need for a time consuming IPA wipe down to see what you have removed. SSR-2.5 should be followed up with a lighter polish, like our SSR2, our Polish with line, or our Professional Polish.

Just like all Poorboy's World products SSR-2.5 may be used in the SUN or SHADE. SSR 2.5 may be used by hand or machine. For use on Clear-coats, Paint, Chrome, Gel Coats, Glass, and Plexiglass    Size 16oz

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