California custom trim & tire protectant


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California custom trim & tire protectant

California custom trim and tyre dressing

well what makes this better than the countless others on the market  !!

Well this leaves no built up no greasy  film that others do and won’t have horrible super high unnatural pitch gloss just a beautiful natural gloss with a beautiful natural look.

made in california USA

No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!


Tire & Trim Protectant is a product you have been looking for. It truly is in a class of its own.

Complete the look of your ride while cleaning and protecting you tires, exterior plastic trim, and vinyl. Tire & Trim Protectant will never turn your tires brown or leave a greasy film – even after repeated use. They will ALWAYS stay looking black.

Simply spray a light mist of Tire & Trim onto a small soft towel or soft sponge. Wipe evenly onto surface, let dry for a few minutes. Lightly buff the surface with another clean, soft towel.

THAT’S IT! Plain and simple

Rockin! BLACK Tires 

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