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Chemical Guys Air Freshener 3 Pack
Chemical Guys Air Freshener 3 Pack
Chemical Guys Air Freshener 3 Pack

Three unbelievable air fresheners all large size bottles 473ml 

New Car scent. Leather and the best selling scent of success 

Signature Scent delivers that smell of success, an ooh-so familiar scent that will bring back memories of that never to forget night out to an elegant club. The rich perfumed fragrance is very addictive and Stripper Scent is one our most popular air fresheners.

Signature Scent is engineered with active odour eliminators and neutralisers which rapidly subdue undesirable smells at the source.

  • Flash back's of that memorable night out!
  • Addictive perfumed fragrance
  • Odour eliminator and neutraliser
  • Quick and easy to use


Simply spray Signature Scent in each foot well to deliver that addictive fragrance, avoid spraying on leather or plastic trim as it can leave a sticky residue. Top up as required.

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