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Chemical guys blitz spray sealant
Chemical guys blitz spray sealant

Why Buy This Product?

  • Spray wax and shine in seconds
  • Sprayable natural and synthetic wax coating
  • Protects against pollution, UV sunlight, and the elements
  • Enhances intense gloss and brilliant shine
  • Easy to apply, remove, and enjoy
  • Refined formula for easier spreading and faster removal
  • More durable wax formula for longer-lasting protection
  • Added gloss enhancers for brighter shine and wetter reflection
  • Also available in a gallon size

What Is It?

Chemical Guys BLITZ is one step spray protectant for a high gloss shine on any painted finish. BLITZ is not a quick detail spray—its a full-strength sealant and wax combo in an easy-to-use spray formula! BLITZ is for the perfectionist on the go; not every car enthusiast has enough time to properly seal and protect their vehicle against the elements. Chemical Guys formulated BLITZ to quickly provide strong protection with brilliant gloss and shine in all types of weather. The innovative new formula sprays quickly for full body protection in just minutes. The hybrid synthetic and natural wax spray is perfect for adding extra protection and shine after a wash. Use BLITZ to protect your vehicle from pollution, sun damage, fading, water spots, stains, bugs, tree sap, industrial fallout, brake dust, rail dust, and more! Use BLITZ on any vehicle. Detailers regularly detail their customers’ cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and anything that rolls on wheels with BLITZ. Refined gloss enhancers and pure white carnauba wax add intense shine to all colors and paint types: red, white, black, blue, silver, green, single-stage, and clear coat finishes. Properly-sealed cars stay cleaner for longer, and cars treated with BLITZ repel dust and dirt to stay clean for weeks between washes. Pick up a bottle of Chemical Guys BLITZ, and simply spray on a coat of strong protection with brilliant glossy shine on any paint color.

How It Works

Chemical Guys BLITZ combines two separate wax coatings into one sprayable product. Now anyone on a time constraint can simply spray on a coat of wax for unbelievable shine and protection. The synthetic wax formula of BLITZ uses a nano tech cross-linking acrylic formula that virtually blends into your paintwork, binding hard for durable protection against the elements. But for detailers who love a natural carnauba wax glow, Chemical Guys blended BLITZ with all-natural refined white Brazilian carnauba wax. Only carnauba enhances the warm, wet, glowing shine that car enthusiasts have known and loved for over 100 years. Now anyone can simply spray on BLITZ for the strong protection against the elements from manmade synthetic waxes, and the beautiful radiant shine of natural car waxes.

How It Looks

Achieving the perfect show car shine takes hours of detailing with traditional waxes and sealants, but BLITZ Hi-Shine Acrylic Spray Sealant achieves fantastic results in a fraction of the time. BLITZ delivers an eye-popping, lustrous, and glowing shine on any color paint or automotive surface. Professional detailers have used BLITZ to make every car color shine and glow to look its very best, including white, black, blue, red, green, yellow, and orange. Use BLITZ on paint, chrome, clear plastic, glass, wheels, and anything else you want to protect and enhance shine. The acrylic polymers in BLITZ block harmful UV rays, pollution, and contamination that destroy shiny paintwork over time while pure white carnauba waxes add warm glowing shine to any color. BLITZ brings the true vibrant shine back to any color paintwork. Properly-sealed cars repel rain water and dust to stay cleaner for longer. Using BLITZ will help keep your car clean for weeks.

Ultimate Versatility

BLITZ Spray Sealant is extremely versatile. The unique spray sealant and wax combination is perfect for use on any vehicle. Spray BLITZ onto any shiny or clear exterior car part that you would normally wax by hand. Spread BLITZ over any painted metal, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or clear plastic for supreme gloss and strong protection against the elements. Use BLITZ on clear plastic headlights and lenses to prevent fading, hazing, and discoloration. BLITZ works great on wheels and rims to repel brake dust and make cleaning easier. Perfect on painted, chrome, aluminum, polished, and powdercoated wheels. Spray BLITZ onto your glass to help repel rain and reduce wiper blade wear. Finish off the weekly car wash or monthly quick detail with BLITZ to maintain and protect durable vehicle coatings, or keep a bottle of BLITZ on in the trunk for easy touchups on the go!

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