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Chemical guys cherry wet wax


Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax 473ml


Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax is back... and it's shinier than ever!

The fan-favourite natural carnauba cream wax makes any car glow with deep-wet radiance.

When it comes to beauty and clarity, nature knows the best way, so Chemical Guys master blenders replicated the unique glistening glowing shine of ripe wild cherries. By blending natural Brazilian carnauba wax with proprietary gloss enhancers and wetting agents, Chemical Guys has created a cream wax that makes any car shimmer deeply and glow intensely.

Perfect for dark, light and metallic paint:

  • Spread a coat of Cherry Wet Wax over dark car colours to deepen the mysterious glow of black, blue, green and grey paint.
  • Brighten up light colours like red, orange, yellow and white with intense radiance and a warm glowing shine.
  • Exaggerate the vibrant glittery shine of metallic painted finishes with a candy sparkle shine.

Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax | Clean + Shiny

Natural carnauba wax is one of nature's most durable protective coatings. Spread Cherry Wet Wax to repel pollution, natural elements and contamination from paintwork, glass, clear plastics and polished metals on any automotive exterior.

Cherry Wet Wax is the perfect choice for a sizzling shine, intense glow and durable protection on any painted finish. Find out why fans and detailers worldwide have been clamouring for the return of Cherry Wet Wax for years... and see your car sparkle and shine like it never has before! 🍒

Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax | Clean + Shiny

How To Use:

  • Wash car and decontaminate the surface with a clay bar if needed
  • Shake Cherry Wet Wax well
  • Spread a thin, even coat over the surface with a premium microfiber or soft applicator
  • Use Cherry Wet Wax on shiny and clear exterior car parts, like paint, glass, clear plastic, and polished metals
  • Buff off residue with a soft microfiber towel
  • For machine application, place 4 - 6 dots of Cherry Wet Wax on a soft foam finishing pad (like Hex-Logic Quantum Red pad,) and spread it over the car one panel at a time.
  • Only use a dual action polisher and do not exceed speed setting 3
  • Never spread glaze, sealant, or wax with a rotary polisher
  • Allow to haze and then buff off with a soft microfiber towel

Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax | Clean + Shiny

For the best results possible by hand, we recommend applying carnauba wax creams with soft applicato


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