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Chemical Guys Extra thick multi fibre microfibre wash mitt


  • Premium scratchless microfiber car wash mitt
  • Plush and fluffy fabric captures dirt, grime, and debris
  • Holds tons of suds and water for fast cleaning with fewer trips to the bucket
  • Durable elastic cuff fits either hand and prevents drops on the dirty ground
  • Machine washable for easy care and scratch-free detailing


Stop scratching your car every time you wash it! Are you still using old T-shirts, dirty rags, and one bucket at your Sunday morning car wash? It’s time to throw away the old rags and pick up the Chemical Guys Extra Thick Wash Mitt! This fluffy multi-fiber car wash tool is woven with soft and durable microfiber fabric, the same material used in scratch-free car cloths. Now you can help prevent any swirls and scratches with every wipe as you clean dirt, grime, and debris during the car wash! The plush mitten slips over the hand, but is secured with the double-stitched elastic cuff. Now you won’t drop the wash mitt on the ground and scratch the paint with any rocks or pebbles you pick up along the way. The open interior design of the mitt allows you to turn it over to the clean side for extended scratch-free wiping before returning to the rinse and soap buckets. The Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt fits on either hand for lefties and righties, and stays on the hand for trouble-free detailing on any vertical panel, horizontal surface, and every curve and contour on any vehicle. Easily wash the car, family van, truck, motorcycle, or SUV with the Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt. Even care instructions are simple: throw the Extra Thick Wash Mitt in the machine with your microfiber towels. That’s it! Keep the mitt clean for scratch-free wiping at every car wash, and keep your car looking showroom-beautiful. The Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt is the detailer’s choice for the perfect car wash.


Have you ever seen those spider-webby marks when looking at your car in direct sunlight? Those “swirls” are billion of tiny scratches going in every direction, and they’re mainly caused from improper washing and drying. Using wash tools like the Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt helps capture abrasive dirt particles and insulate your paintwork against abrasive rubbing and scratching. Microfiber is also extremely absorbent, and holds plenty of slick soapy suds and wash water to gently clean the paintwork with fewer trips to your wash bucket. Use the Extra Thick Wash Mitt along with your two-bucket car wash method, Dirt Trap car wash inserts, and TORQ Foam Gun to gently clean your car and completely remove abrasive dirt from the car washing equation. A little bit goes a long way, and washing your car with the Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash mitt helps prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe.


Cheap auto parts store wash mitts are made with chintzy materials that scratch paintwork, and low grade mitts are so poorly made they hardly hold any water or soapy suds. The Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt is made with premium grade microfiber normally reserved for the softest drying towels. This fine wash mitt holds five-times its weight in water and suds for plenty of lubrication across sensitive car paint, metal, glass, and plastic. Every strand of microfiber acts like hook and loop: trapping abrasive dirt and contamination deep within the plush fibers, and away from sensitive paintwork. The Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt physically insulates your paintwork from abrasive action, drastically reducing the chances of scratches and swirls installed during regular washes. Easily clean paintwork, glass, clear plastics, polished metals, and carbon fiber car parts with the Extra Thick Wash Mitt. Use the Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt in any two bucket wash, or in conjunction with a foam cannon or foam gun for extra protection against swirls and scratches. Clean, shine, and protect your car as you wash with the Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt.


The Multi-Fiber Car Wash Mitt is made with durable synthetic materials for years of detailing use. Traditional lambswool mitts shed fur and fibers all over the car during a wash, cost 500% more than synthetic wash mitts, and only last a few washes. The Chemical Guys Multi-Fiber Car Wash Mitt is made with durable synthetic materials that last for years, and stay soft for scratch-free washing and detailing use. The synthetic microfiber wash mitt stays plush and soft, and traps and holds dirt after it lifts and separates it from the surface of the vehicle. Trapping dirt within the mitt keeps it from rubbing across the paintwork, and reduces the chances of scratching paint over time. The durable elastic cuff is double stitched for maximum comfort and grip through soapy water. Choose the only mitt versatile enough for every type of car wash method: the Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt.

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