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Chemical guys Extreme Depth carnauba and x seal

Creme Wax + X-Seal (16 oz)

Why Buy This Product?

    • Premium natural carnauba wax enhances a warm and wet lustrous glow
    • Synthetic X-Seal sealant extends durability for long term shine and protection
    • Slick surface repels pollution and contamination
    • UV protection prevents fading and discoloring
    • Works on paintwork, glass, polished metal, and clear optical plastics
    • Detergent-resistant polymers keep the wax on the car even after normal car washes
    • Spread over any color paint finish for a beautiful shine with great protection
    • Also available in a gallon size

How It Works

Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba is a premium cream wax that protects and shines every painted automobile finish. Chemical Guys blends every bottle of Extreme Depth with premium refined Brazilian carnauba wax, and synthetic X-Seal sealant technology. The easy-to-use cream wax enhances a brilliant shine as it protects against corrosion and fading. Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba works great on all paint colors, including light, dark, and metallic paintwork. The versatile wax can easily be applied by hand or machine for maximum effect with minimal effort. Extreme Depth is protects any exterior car part that is painted, shiny, or clear. Spread a coat of Extreme Depth over paint, glass, clear plastic, and polished metal parts to repel water spots, bird droppings, and pollution. Synthetic X-Seal sealant enhances the durability of the product for extended protection and shine. Extreme Depth repels UV solar rays that cause fading, and pollution that causes staining and oxidation. Enhance the next level of shine and protection with Chemical Guys Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba.

The Shine You Love

Natural carnauba wax shines like no other. For over 100 years, car enthusiasts and professional detailers have turned to Brazilian carnauba wax for its signature warm, wet, and lustrous shine. Natural carnauba comes from the leaves of a palm tree that grows in the rainforests of Brazil. This wax protects the fragile leaves of the plant from the harsh effects of UV sunlight. When spread over manmade items, the wax protects them just like the leaves of the wild plants, and enhances a warm lustrous shine that captivates the eye. Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba Wax is blended only with premium Brazilian carnauba wax. There is no room for low-grade fillers or cheap paraffin waxes. Only real carnauba is allowed in this highly-refined and high quality cream wax. Chemical Guys enhanced the natural shine and protection properties of carnauba with synthetic X-Seal sealant technology and detergent-resistant polymers. Adding X-Seal maximizes the length of shine time, and synthetic polymers makes sure the wax isn’t washed away with normal car washing techniques. When professionals and enthusiasts want the warm wet natural carnauba shine, they choose Chemical Guys Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba.

The Performance You Want

Old school paste waxes are difficult to apply. Rubbing the applicator on the thick paste and spreading it over a car takes lots of elbow grease, and time. Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba is refined and blended into a premium cream formula that is easy to use and apply. Squeeze a couple lines of Extreme Depth Wax onto a soft foam or microfiber applicator pad, then spread it smoothly over the surface quickly and easily. Professionals save even more time by adding 5 dots of Extreme Depth Wax onto a soft foam finishing pad, and spreading the wax by dual action polisher all over the entire exterior of the car. Spreading cream wax by hand can take over an hour for a midsize sedan; spreading the wax by machine can take as little as 10 minutes. Spreading wax by machine is more efficient than the hand and uses far less product as well. When used as directed, one bottle of Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba can fully cover over 30 cars in a beautiful lustrous shiny finish. See why professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts choose Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba Wax for their cars, and throw away any old school inferior products collecting dust in the garage.

The Protection You Need

Harsh UV sunlight, caustic natural elements, and industrial pollution all destroy beautiful shiny painted finishes. Adding a coat of wax isn’t just for looks, it protects the surface underneath from destruction. Paint looks smooth and shiny to our eyes, but under a microscope you can see just how porous and bumpy it really is. Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba wax fills in all these pores, peaks, and valleys so dirt, brake dust, pollution, and water have nowhere to get stuck. Once the surface is sealed with a wax, any contamination simply slides off without leaving a scratch. Vehicles sealed with Extreme Depth Carnauba wax are easier to clean, stay cleaner for longer, and resist corrosion better than untreated vehicles. Extreme Depth isn’t just for paintwork. Spread a coat of Extreme Depth Carnauba Wax over polished metals, glass, and clear plastic to extend the same UV, pollution, and oxidation protection to every shiny exterior car part. Keep any car looking and feeling new and shiny with Chemical Guys Extreme Depth Natural Carnauba Wax.

Other Sizes Available

Extreme Depth Liquid is also available in a gallon size.

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