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Chemical guys Fabric Clean Concentrate



  • Fabric cleaner: cleans cloth, carpet, upholstery, and more
  • Stain remover breaks down set-in stains
  • High-suds foaming action lifts dirt & stains
  • Finishes clean and dry
  • Safe for all colours and car fabrics
  • Eliminates odours at their source
  • Removes foul odours and helps prevent new ones over time
  • Restores a like-new look and feel to fabrics and interior cloth surfaces
  • Available in?4 ounce,?16 ounce?and?64 ounce (1/2 Gallon)?sizes


Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean dissolves and removes dirt, odors, and stains from automotive carpets, fabrics, and upholstery. Passengers routinely track in dirt, grime, and filth on the bottoms of their shoes, then grind it deep into floor mats and carpets. Spilled beverages, dropped food, sweat, and body oils can easily stain fabrics and upholstery on seats and door panels. Chemical Guys Fabric Clean is the choice for soccer moms, enthusiasts, and professional detailers everywhere. The hyper-concentrated interior shampoo easily breaks down contaminants, filth, and stains from any fabric surface inside a vehicle. Dilute Fabric Clean in a sprayer bottle, mist a light coat over offending stains, then scrub them with a stiff brush to loosen the bond with the fabric. Easily remove drink spills, dirt stains, and body oils from seats and arm rests with Fabric Clean. The high-sudsing action lifts and separates embedded dirt and filth particles from deep within fabrics and float them to the surface for easier removal. Specialty surfactants and disinfectants release filth, stains, and odors from fabrics for fast and thorough cleaning. Scrub stubborn stains with a stiff bristle brush for maximum cleaning power. Fabric Clean comes blended with Chemical Guys odor elimination technology. Unlike scented perfumes, Fabric Clean helps destroy odor-causing microbes, removing odors at their source. Blot away any mess with a clean microfiber towel and let fabrics air dry. Clean and protect any automotive interior fabric surface with Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean.


Chemical Guys Fabric Clean creates foaming bubbles for professional detailing results. Cleaning foam isn?t just for fun; scrubbing bubbles serve a practical function: The oxygen-infused cleaners of Fabric Clean lift and separate dirt particles and stains from deep within fabric in carpets and upholstery. Foaming action floats the particles directly to the surface of the material for easy cleanup with just a microfiber towel or hot water extractor. While low-grade cleaners leave carpets feeling wet, promote mildew growth, and finish with a stiff crusty feeling, Fabric Clean is detergent free, low-moisture, and finishes with the soft feel of clean fabric. Clean set-in stains, dirt, and filth from any color floor mat, carpet, or upholstery in any car, truck, SUV, RV, and even around the home or office with Chemical Guys Foaming Carpet Cleaner.


Dirty carpets don?t just look bad; they usually smell gross too. Ground in dirt, spilled food, and body odors sink into fabrics. The rotting material often promotes germ growth, and the microbes put out foul odors and make the car smell bad. Chemical Guys Fabric Clean comes blended with the company?s patented odor elimination enzymes. The product actively destroys odor-causing microbes, eliminating foul odors at their source. Clean carpets, seats, door panels, and removable floor mats to remove foul odors from any vehicle. Once the cleaners and residue evaporates away, you are left with nothing but a clean interior with no added smells or odors, just the like the car manufacturer intended! Clean, restore, and decontaminate carpets and fabrics with Chemical Guys Fabric Clean.


Chemical Guys manufacturers the best detailing products, and ships them all over the world. There?s no point to waste space with diluted product, fillers, or water in any bottles. Fabric Clean comes fully-concentrated for versatile cleaning power on any interior mess: large or small. Mix Fabric Guard to suit your specific detailing needs: Blend Fabric Guard with clean, filtered water at 8:1 for extra dirty areas, or dilute up to 20:1 for lighter filth, grime, and odors. Never use more product than you absolutely have to. Save more chemical for when you need it. This keeps more money in your pocket, and is gentler on any sensitive interior fabrics, cloths, upholstery, and carpets. The professional grade formula is safe to use in any automobile interior, throughout the office, or in the home. Clean up dirt, grease, grime, food stains, pet stains, and people stains with Chemical Guys Fabric Clean.


Fully concentrated.

  • Dilute 20:1 for general purpose cleaning
  • Dilute 8:1 for extra dirty areas

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