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Chemical guys hyper- coat dressing


  • Deep wet appearance for interior and exterior trim
  • Extreme shine sprayable dressing
  • Restores a bold new look on vinyl, rubber, and plastics
  • Shields against UV rays
  • Plastic & rubber restorer
  • Shine enhancers give a bright wet look to trim pieces
  • Water-based formula safe to use inside, or outside any vehicle
  • Safe for a bold new look inside engine bays
  • Also available in a gallon size


G6 Hyper Coat restores and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts with a brand new look and brilliant shine. Chemical Guys blended synthetic polymers with proprietary G6 technology to create a liquid trim sealant for use inside or outside any vehicle. The water-based Hyper Coat formula nourishes dried-out and sun-faded parts to rejuvenate a deep-black new appearance with a bright wet shine. G6 trim sealant technology repels the harsh UV light and extreme heat that damages, cracks, and fades plastic and rubber parts. Treat exterior bumpers, door mirrors, window moldings, grilles, vents, and tires to get rid of any sun-faded chalky white look. Restore a brand-new appearance to interior door panels, center consoles, upholstery, dashboards, and engine bay components. G6 Hyper Coat finishes dry to the touch, and will not attract dirt or dust. The refined formula penetrates deep to nourish the material, and leaves no residue to smear or streak over nearby surfaces. Specialty sun blocking agents repel harmful UVA and UVB rays that fade and damage car parts prematurely, helping them look newer for longer. Choose G6 Hyper Coat to restore, enhance, and protect any interior or exterior vinyl, rubber, or plastic car parts with a bright wet shine.


Chemical Guys G6 Hyper Coat is more than a silicone-rich trim dressing. Smearing silicone-rich oils over plastic and rubber bumper parts and tires will make them shine, but will not protect against harmful UV solar rays, caustic chemicals, or industrial pollution. Chemical Guys master blenders developed the proprietary G6 sealant formula that protects and enhances trim pieces with a like-new shine. The innovative trim sealant bonds to the surface at the molecular level to protect against harmful solar rays that cause fading, and contamination that stains and damages plastic, rubber, and vinyl car parts. Bumper and mirror plastics protected with G6 appear deep black for longer than untreated parts. Door and window seals remain soft and supple to resist cracking and breaking once treated with Hyper Coat. The refined formula of G6 spreads out evenly the first time, reducing the need to reapply dressing over uneven areas. The water-based formula finishes without any greasy feel or shine that can smear or focus solar rays to cause more premature damage. G6 Hyper Coat finishes with a deep black crisp shine that will not attract dirt, dust, or filth on the surface. Restore and protect a new look and feel to trim pieces inside or outside any vehicle.


G6 Hyper Coat High Gloss Protectant Dressing restores and protects a brand new look and shine to interior and exterior trim. Restoring sun-faded plastic and rubber car parts can be a challenging part of any detailing process. UV rays and extreme heat often cause discoloration, distortion, and damage to vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts. If left unchecked, these elements can cause fading, staining, and even premature cracking and breakage. The refined water-based dressing blended into G6 Hyper Coat penetrates through the fine pores of vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim pieces. The premium formula nourishes and restores essential oils to sun-faded parts to rejuvenate a rich and new appearance. Exterior trim on bumpers, mirrors, windows, and tires is a critical part to a vehicle’s appearance. Maintaining these pieces with G6 Hyper Coat keeps them looking new and beautiful for as long as the car cruises down the road.


The possibilities are endless with G6 Hyper Coat protectant dressing. The unique trim sealant and protectant nourishes and protects exterior and interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim pieces, weather stripping, and upholstery. The unique water-based formula gives G6 the flexibility to work on and protect a wide variety of surfaces inside, or outside any vehicle. G6 sealants create a strong bond with the surface, enhancing a dark, black shine that lasts for weeks on end. Restore a deep black new look to exterior plastics, window moldings, door mirrors, bumpers, and tires with G6. Hyper coat enhances a new look and dry-to-the-touch feel on vinyl upholstery, door panels, dashboards, and center consoles. Restore and protect any exterior or interior vinyl, rubber, or plastic pieces with Chemical Guys G6 Hyper Coat Coating & Protectant Dressing.

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