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Chemical guys max coat Wheel Guard
Chemical guys max coat Wheel Guard
Chemical guys max coat Wheel Guard
Chemical guys max coat Wheel Guard

How it Works
Wheel Guard Max Coat protects wheelsand enhances a high gloss shine. The advanced wheel coating sealant repels brake dust, dirt, and road grime that cause corrosion and damage to wheels and rims on every vehicle. Wheel Guard Max protects all gloss wheels types, including chrome, painted, aluminum, powder coated, stainless steel, and even gold finishes. The advanced sealant technology of Wheel Guard Max Coat is blended with a new coating formula. This new coating technology creates a slippery shield to which dirt, brake dust, and road grime have a hard time sticking. Max Coat reduces brake dust contamination by up to 75% in any given amount of time compared to unprotected wheels, or to inferior coating products. Wheels protected with Wheel Guard Max Coat are easier to clean, stay cleaner  for longer, and are harder to get dirty than unprotected wheels. Max Coat is blended with gloss agents to enhance shine and a bright clean look on wheels and rims. The durable wheel coating lasts through dozens of washes and high heat braking conditions, and provides up to 8 full months of protection with just one application. Wheel Guard Max Coat makes any black, silver, chrome, or polished wheel look bright and shiny like the day they were made. Use Wheel Guard Max Coat to protect any factory OEM or custom wheelfrom the worst elements, high heat, brake dust, and road grime.

Protects Wheels Against The Elements

Car brakes take any vehicle from 60 to 0 in a matter of seconds. Powerful brake systems clamp advanced calipers and abrasive pad friction material onto bare steel rotor discs. This system turns kinetic energy into heat, and stops any speeding car quickly and safely. The intense heat and mechanical grinding spits out dust made up of shards of raw steel, and burnt carbon and brake pad material. This brake dust is highly corrosive, filthy, and ugly. Protect wheels from permanent damage with Wheel Guard Max Coat. The cream sealant spreads just like wax, and repels corrosive brake dust, road grime, mud, dirt, and filth for up to 8 months on just one application. The slippery coating makes it hard for abrasive particles to stick, and reduces brake dust cling up to 75%. Keeping brake dust off the wheel surface reduces the risk of rust and corrosion that causes wheel finishes to peel and fail. Preserve the beautiful factory-fresh wheel finish on any vehicle with Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat.

Easier To Clean, Harder To 
The slick Wheel Guard Max Coat makes it harder for dirt, brake dust, and road grime to stick to wheels and rims. Wheels protected with Max Coat stay cleaner  for longer, and are easier to clean once they do get dirty. Simply wipe away any contamination with EcoSmart, any Chemical Guys car wash soap and water, or use a heavy-duty wheel cleaner  like Diablo or Signature Series Wheel cleaner  for stubborn stuck-onbrake dust and road grime buildup. Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance with Wheel Guard Max Coat can keep wheels free from deep-seeded contamination, and even prevent or put off permanent damage and corrosion that requires expensive wheelrefinishing. Make life easier and look better doing it with Wheel Guard Max Coat.

Enhance Beautiful Gloss And Shine

Clean, shine, and enhance any gloss wheel finishes with Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat. chrome sparkles and shines with a pure reflection; paint and powder coat look wet with extreme depth and clarity; stainless steel and polished metals shimmer with every spin; and custom gold finishes mesmerize and hypnotize with a pure hypnotic luster. Wheels maintained and protected with Wheel Guard Max Coat look newer, cleaner , and better for longer than wheelsleft alone to the elements and ravages of time. Protect any large or small wheels for any vehicle to maintain the best shine and quality of finish. Wheel Guard Max Coat protects wheels on cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, airplanes, ATVs, little red wagons, and even painted or plastic hubcaps and center caps. Choose Wheel Guard Max Coat for durable protection and shine on any custom, aftermarket, or OEM wheel.

Dilution Ratio

Ready to use.

How To Use:

Always wait for wheel to cool.
Rinse wheel off with water and using a goodpremium wash, clean wheel thoroughly, then dry.
Apply Wheel Guard liberally with applicator sponge or soft cloth, then allow to haze (ca 15 minutes).
Buff to super-high shine with a clean microfiber cloth.
For superior result and added protection, apply two coats.
Apply as needed after wash to reduce brake

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