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Collinite fleetwax past
Heavy duty protection for boats and vehicles!

Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 seals and shields surfaces against intense environmental conditions, such as salt spray, UV rays, and airborne pollution. Fleetwax has been listed as the #1 rated boat wax three times by two of the industry’s most respected consumer journals.

Use Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 on your boat, RV, or vehicle to maintain a glossy shine and lasting protection. Its carnauba-based formula is safe on clear coats as well as the gel coated fiberglass found on RVs and boats.

As with all Collinite waxes, Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 forms a virtually indestructible barrier against the outside world. The wax stands up to salt water and spray to protect a boat’s hull from white, chalky oxidation. If it can offer that kind of protection in a harsh, salty environment, rest assured your vehicle will be in good hands with Collinite.

Fleetwax #885 is another excellent choice among the Collinite waxes for winter paint protection because the thick paste formula lasts and lasts. Just like it protects boats from salt water, it will protect your vehicle from road salt. Now that’s one tough wax.

Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 is a pure wax with no cleaning properties.Therefore, clean and polish your vehicle (or boat) before applying Fleetwax to get the best shine possible. Collinite Sapphire PreWax Cleaner #840works well on single stage automotive finishes and gel coated fiberglass (because gel coats are harder than clear coats). For clear coat paint, use a gentler prewax cleaner, like Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion.

Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 is a thick paste wax. For the easiest application, by hand or machine, dampen the applicator. Use a soft, clean Cobra Microfiber Towelto buff off the wax before it dries.

Depend on Collinite’s unique salt-resistant formula in Paste Fleetwax #885 to defend your vehicle against the elements through rain, shine, salt, or snow.

12 oz.

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