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Collinite No 476S
Collinite No 476S

Collinite No.476S Super Double Coat wax

Collinite 476s is a real enthusiasts wax, no added gimmicks just a hard working and durable wax. This wax stands up to rain, snow, salt, dust and grime so is perfect for a winter wax when you need that extra protection.  Collinite 476s also protects against UV so good for the summer months too. In fact Collinite claim you can get up to 12 months protection from 476s.

With all that durability you might wonder if you miss out on shine, well actually no. Collinite 476s adds a real deep gloss to solid colours and makes metallic flakes come to life.

Collinite 476s is a carnauba based paste wax with no cleaners. When you come to applying Collinite 476s use a foam wax applicator pad, allow to cure before buffing off with a microfibre towel, for best results apply in multiple thin layers.

Have a look at our reviews for Collinite 476s, it's as well loved from our customers as it is from us.

  • Wet clear finish
  • Carnauba based paste wax
  • No cleaners
  • Very very durable (the most durable car wax on the planet?)

9 Fl. Ounces (266ml) Jar

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