K2 Quantum synthetic protective wax

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K2 Quantum synthetic protective wax

Product Description

Quantum is a unique synthetic protective wax based on the basis of the highest quality polymers, providing long-term protection of paint, even up to several washes.
Additionally, it contains a unique measures to strengthen the color and brings a deep shine.
After applying, the paint becomes perfectly smooth.
This increases the surface tension of water droplets, making them easier to flow.

Capacity 140 ML
Comes with free microfibre cloth
Effective protections & durability for dozen or so washes
Deep gloss finish
Rapid application
Does not leave white marks on plastic parts
Protects against oxidation, UV radiation, corrosion and minor scratches
Ideal for manual or machine use

Just 50 mL of wax in enough for a car
Pleasant franrance of green tea
Plastics and silicone free – safe for paint shop


The vehicle must be thoroughly washed and the paint cleaned, prior to use.
To ensure maximum durability of the protective layer on the paint, no dirt/sand may be present.

Hand application:

Pour some Quantum on a polishing sponge and apply gently in a circular motion on the paint.
Allow to dry, after which the paint is brought to a brilliant gloss with the professional microfiber cloth.

Machine Application:

Pour some Quantum on the soft sponge provided on the polishing machine and apply gently in a circular motion.
Allow to dry.
Use the microfiber provided to give it that final professional shine.

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