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Lucas Ethanol treatment large size
Lucas Ethanol treatment large size

Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers large size treats 302 litres of Petrol per bottle 473 ml or 80 gallons 

This was developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol based fuels. This applies to E-10, E-15, E-85, pure ethanol and any mixtures in between including gasoline. Our Product is completely soluble in all ethanol fuels and will not harm filters. Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers contains effective additives to prevent rust and corrosion associated with the use of ethanol fuels.


  • Cleans injectors, valve seats, combustion chambers and other critical fuel components
  • Stabilizes fuel and prevents varnish & gum formation in ethanol and gasoline
  • Combats deposits and protects your engine oil lubricants from the harmful effects of alcohol combustion




Safeguard™ treats up to 80 gallons(302.8) of ethanol fuel. One ounce treats five gallons of ethanol fuel. Our new 5.25 oz bottle treats up to 25 gallons (94.6 liters) of ethanol fuel. Recommended for use in automobile and marine applications. 

I swear by this product, have been using it for a few years now and it does what it claims. I add it to every gas can I fill. It allows me to ride my dirt .
Joel · Reviewed on
Like the idea of an ethanol combatanta month ago
It seems the ethanol causes many fuel parts to deteriorate especially in small power equipment like mowers, chain saws, string trimmers, as well as older ...
Sb · Reviewed on
Use it in my Motorcycle5 years ago
Hi all. I have been using the Lucas Ethanol treatment in my last 2 motorcycles. A 2010 Yamaha Majesty. And my current, 2015 Harley Street 750. Have tried ...
Chris · Reviewed on
Best Ethanol/Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner4 years ago
Like anything Lucas makes its really great. This stuff has worked wonders on chainsaw by clearing the carb of left over varnish from ethanol being in the ...
Cunningham1420 · Reviewed on
2 in 1 Stabilizer and Ethanol Treatment!!a year ago
I've run this Lucas treatment in 3 cars for over 5 years. My cars typically sit for 3 to 4 months over the winter and I haven't had any issues with bad gas ...
KYLE · Reviewed on Summit Racing Equipment
Great gasoline treatment.2 years ago
You are getting some stabilizers and protection from ethanol. I order unleaded fuel with no ethanol and treat every gallon with this product. Even at times ...
SHAWN · Reviewed on Summit Racing Equipment
thisadditive actually works8 years ago
Though in the early 90s most vehicles were built to run on 10% ethanol, many did not like it. This is mostly due to the splash blending. A tanker gets the ...
Member 837692784 · Reviewed on
Good Product for Older Vehicles7 years ago
I have been using Lucas Ethanol Fuel Conditioner for many years. Including everyone in my immediate family, we have had as many as 5 over-200,000 mile daily ...
Joe the Engineer · Reviewed on Advance Auto Parts
Good value in Ethanol Fuel Nuteralizera year ago
If you are like me the normal pump gas wreaks havoc on your mowers chainsaws and weed eaters along with vintage cars tractors and trucks. I’ve found this to ...
Michael · Reviewed on
Carb kit in a bottle5 years ago
Used this in my lawnmower. Already have a carb kit for it. I tried carb cleaner and taking it apart. After using about 4 gallons of treated fuel it started ...
West C man · Reviewed on Advance Auto Parts
Excellent producta year ago
I use this product to make std. ethanol gasoline useable for my small engines. Works well to keep small engines from gumming up from the ethanol.
David · Reviewed on
Why take a chance8 years ago
Ethanol is bad for small engines, like lawn movers, weed wackers, gas blowers, well you get my idea, the list goes on and on. I'm stuck getting gas with 10 ...
South Jersey Boy · Reviewed on Advance Auto Parts
Lucas fuel conditionera year ago
Lucas is always a good product. No reason to think this fuel conditioner is any different.
KATHY · Reviewed on Summit Racing Equipment
Hoping to stop a plastic tank leaking with evil E fuel10 months ago
Difficult to say, its basically a punt and a belief that it might do something, and doing nothing may be worse.
richjmay14 · Reviewed on
I use this in my 2015 Harley Street 750. Have never had any Ethanol Fuel issues. As well as my pr...4 years ago
I use this in my 2015 Harley Street 750. Have never had any Ethanol Fuel issues. As well as my previous motorcycle, A 2010 Yamaha Majesty. The Only Ethanol ...
Tucsonmax1 · Reviewed on Home Depot
Great quality for small enginea month ago
Use it on all the small engine products I have. Save's carbs and engine from damage.
DesiDinero · Reviewed on
Need with todays fuels !!!6 years ago
I use this with every tank full for engine protection . todays gas even top tier has to much ethanol and alcohols ! Will destroy older engines and fuel ...
Rambo ,Boston Bob,Big Bad Bob ! · Reviewed on Advance Auto Parts
Works great8 months ago
I like using this product in my 1963 Dodge dart due to the fact that the ethanol makes my engine run rough and this additive helps with that
Timothy · Reviewed on
Great product to add to your tank9 months ago
Greet product to use every winter in my motorcycles to ensure fuel does not go stale and keep the bikes running great.
John · Reviewed on
Great Product5 years ago
I've been using this for around three years now. I put it in my '65 Mustang and '54 Ford at every fillup becuase I don't know how long they'll sit between ...
KYLE · Reviewed on Summit Racing Equipment
Lucas ethanol fuel treatment7 months ago
Great product to keep the crap pump gas from corroding everything it comes in contact with.(especially aluminum)
Smitty · Reviewed on
This product works great8 months ago
We use this product in all our small engines. Helps with the problems ethanol causes.
Dave · Reviewed on
Beat alcohol negatives7 years ago
I use this in ALL gas cans for snowblower, wood splitter, chainsaws, mower. With few exceptions, all gasoline now has 10% ethanol, which if allowed to sit ...
N. MI · Reviewed on Advance Auto Parts
Great producta year ago
I have been using this conditioner for years and love it. I store over 20gal of ethanol at a time for my personal use and I make sure this is it if I'm not ...
CHRIS · Reviewed on Summit Racing Equipment
Product works11 months ago
I use this product for my small engine equipment and it works great. I have never had any breakdowns

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