LVC Leather Vinyl conditioner california custom


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LVC Leather Vinyl conditioner california custom
LVC Leather Vinyl conditioner california custom
LVC Leather Vinyl conditioner california custom
LVC Leather Vinyl conditioner california custom

It's what you have been looking for.! It's a non- greasy conditioner designed for interior use.

But also works great for keeping leather and vinyl looking and feeling like new. LVC is a mild cleaner but a Serious conditioner that allows leather to breathe. And will protect leather from the elements keeping it SOFT AND SUPPLE with no greasey firm.

Depending on different types of applications you can achieve the natural beauty of the surface or a high gloss LVC was formulated for the finest of leathers IT WILL NOT attract DUST.!!!

Here's what a few of our customers had to say...

I've used just about every product on the market to shine the stainless steel and aluminum. Nothing, and I mean nothing, works like this stuff!
- Scotty Phillips
I am sooo amazed at the ease of use! Like ya said, it's not elbow grease and it doesn't take hardly any rubbing! I love it!
- Blaze Johnson
I used to use turtle wax, black magic, etc. From now on the only products I will use for my trucks is California Customs products....absolutely the best ever products made!!!
- Nick Robinson
I've been detailing cars for over 6 years now and I've never dealt with a metal polish that worked as well as yours.
- Ross Cannon
Why didn't I buy this product sooner? I am simply amazed is the only way to put it.
- Alan Moore
Your M-Ron Glass is beyond belief! simply put, the best ever, anywhere!
- Donald Pintacura
Your products save me half the time and energy of other products. They make my truck look like I just drove it off the showroom floor.
- Randy Stone
I was TOTALLY blown away at how easily and how well your products worked.
- Craig Newlin
My stepson and I polish semis as a side job and we will use no other polish than yours. Your polish is the easiest working polish available, and we have tried several others.
- Robert Fagin

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