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Menzerna medium 2500
Menzerna medium 2500
Menzerna medium 2500

Menzerna 2500 Medium Cut Polish 

There are often times when polishing a car that it’s not necessary to reach for the most aggressive polish first. In fact, the rule should always be ‘least aggressive first’.

Menzerna’s medium-cut range comprises of three polishes: 2000, 2400 and 2500. Of these, Menzerna 2500 Medium Cut Polish is, somewhat confusingly, the middle ground in terms of cut and gloss. Menzerna rates it as having a cut of 5/10 and a gloss of 7/10.

Medium cut polishes are intended to remove light to medium defects from paintwork, while also producing a reasonably high gloss finish. It can be used in conjunction with medium and heavy cut foam pads, or with a lambswool pad.

Menzerna 2500 is typically used as part of a multi-stage correction. This polish would work well on a vehicle that is known to have a softer paint system, such as cars manufactured in Japan. It could also be used as a first step to correct light defects on cars with a typically harder paint system, such as those manufactured in Germany.

Regardless of the paint type, I usually find that a final refinement stage is needed using a finishing polish. As you would expect from a specialist company like Menzerna, 2500 contains no silicon fillers to mask imperfections.

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