P &S Ultra Coat Polish

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P &S Ultra Coat Polish
P &S Ultra Coat Polish

P&S Ultracoat Polish is an exceptional polish that repairs light to moderate damage on your paint’s surface in one easy step.

Ultracoat Polish contains light cleaners and sealants that work with the clear coat on your car to restore your paint to a glossy, flawless finish. Best of all it can be applied either with machine, or by hand.

This product conveniently combines the compounding, polishing, and finishing step. It does this by using specially formulated cleaners and polymer sealants that work with today’s urethane clearcoat paints to easily correct and perfect your vehicle’s paint.

Whether you want to correct the entirety of your car’s paint quickly using your favourite rotary/dual action polisher or just want to touch up a small spot on your paint by hand, P&S Ultracoat Polish is a great choice.

Use by machine:

Use your preferred machine polisher/buffer with your favourite finishing pad. Apply enough P&S Ultracoat Polish to the pad to ensure proper lubricity and correcting capabilities. Apply P&S Ultracoat Polish in 2’ x 2’ sections using a medium speed until it dissipates, leaving a smooth finish. Repeat over the entirety of the paint surface.

Use by hand:

Apply P&S Ultracoat Polish using a soft, clean towel. Rub P&S Polish on the surface while it is wet to remove paints defects and allow it to dry. Remove with a clean, soft towel.

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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