P & S Velocity Glaze Wax

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P & S Velocity Glaze Wax
P & S Velocity Glaze Wax
 Glaze Speed Wax is a liquid wax that has unparalleled ease of use and dust-free application.

It features a unique lotion-like emulsion system meaning it can be applied much quicker than most other waxes. This same emulsion system also means that P&S Velocity Glaze Speed Wax has a completely dust-free product removal process.

This product is particularly useful for professional detailers, as the less dust you have to remove, the quicker you are able to finish that car and move to the next one.

P&S Velocity Glaze Speed Wax can be used with any type of detailing application; hand waxing, orbital waxing, or dual-action machine waxing. It will give you exceptional results no matter how you apply it.

This liquid wax provides fantastic results on all finishes and it particularly excels on dark finishes. It is effective on cars, boats, motorcycles, planes and more.

Wash and dry the vehicle you are going to be working on before applying the wax. Shake P&S Velocity Glaze Speed Wax well to ensure that the active ingredients are dispersed thoroughly. Spread a light, uniform coat over the paint surface using either a clean, dry towel, foam pad, or wax applicator. Allow P&S Velocity Glaze Speed Wax to dry and then buff it off with a clean, dry towel.

-          Easy to use
-          Dust-free application
-          Apply by hand or machine

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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