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Smartwax sealent


Smartsealant Deep Gloss Sealant + Protectant (16oz)

Fast Facts About SmartSealant
Takes longevity, protection and shine to a new level
Heat resistant, detergent resistant and anti-static
Super easy to apply
Can be layered for additional shine, depth and protection
Prevents water spot and stains
Works on any color vehicle
Anti-static ingredients keeps paint looking cleaner, longer
Durable protection against the elements
Protects against UV solar rays

About SmartSealant
SmartSealant provides a difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts, and a great smell pleasant enough to make anyone smile. Protect your investment with the latest in paint protection sealants. SmartSealant sets a new standard in paint surface enhancement and protection, the ultimate paint protection under the sun. If durability, protection and extreme shine are important to you, your going to love SmartSealant. SmartSealants new formulation of detergent resistant polymers blended with pure Brazilian #1 Grade Ivory Carnauba Wax and natural oils create a paint care treatment with incredible shine, depth, slickness and lasting protection.

Wash And Details
UV Protection
Automotive paint is under attack every hour it?s parked outside. Smart sealant is equipped with extra strength UV protection making SmartSealant the ideal choice for vehicles exposed to the sun for long durations. With regular use, SmartSealant prevents fading and UV induced oxidation and seals out corrosive elements like salt water, acid rain and factory pollutants. SmartSealant is a pure wax product designed to achieve more shine, depth, durability and superior protection. SmartSealant repels water, dust; paint damaging contaminates and keeps paint looking cleaner longer through the utilization of anti-static ingredients. SmartSealant delivers a long-lasting, wet-look shine.

Smart Use

Great for all painted surfaces
Smart Application

Shake well
Pour onto cloth
Apply to surface
Allow to haze
Wipe with clean cloth
Re-apply as needed

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