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Smartwax tyre and trim dressing


SmartDressing Tire, Vinyl, Rubber & Dash Dressing with coconut scent –  16oz


  • Non-greasy, extra dry
  • One step application
  • Interior and exterior uses
  • High gloss and shine
  • All weather protection
  • UV protection
  • Rejuvenates and restores
  • Prevents premature aging and fading
  • Long lasting
  • Fresh, coconut scent


SmartDressing is an evolutionary advancement in professional car care. SmartDressing provides a difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts and a great smell pleasant enough to make anyone smile. SmartDressing is a non-greasy dry to the touch premium conditioner that is highly versatile and provides an outstanding long lasting shine and protection to all tires, rubber, and vinyl and leather surfaces. SmartDressing is a water-based formula that leaves surfaces shiny, protected, and absolutely dry to the touch. The rich pH balanced formula penetrates beyond the surface to rejuvenate and maintain pliability and integrity. SmartDressing is also formulated with UV blocking agents to help keep surfaces from cracking, fading, and hardening while defending them against the harmful rays of the sun. The ease of use, unbeatable protection, showroom shine, durability, pleasant coconut scent and natural non-greasy dry to the touch feel of SmartDressing is unmatched.


SmartDressing provides solid protection and a deep, rich luster on vinyl, colored plastic and rubber surfaces. Use SmartDressing in your interior to protect and dress your dashboard, console, door panels and door seals. Use it on the exterior to protect and dress bumpers, tires. Window seals and vinyl tops. Under the hood, SmartDressing protects and dresses all rubber hoses and plastic shrouding/cladding. With regular use, SmartDressings UV blockers prevent fade damage caused by sun exposure. SmartDressings advanced conditioners keep surfaces supple, prevents cracking and premature aging. SmartDressing is easy to use. Simply wipe on and walk away. If desired, wipe the finish dry for a low gloss, satin finish. For more gloss, apply a second coat. Its that easy!


Can be applied to rubber, vinyl, dumpers, polished leather, trim, vinyl tops and dashboards.Can also be used on other vinyl or leather surfaces such as briefcases, purses, shoes and furniture giving it a shiny look


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