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Removes Iron — Without Odor

Most Iron Removers smell like a stink bomb was tossed into your garage. With Stoner’s patent-pending odorless formula, there is no odor to mask!

Decontaminates Automotive Surfaces

Iron Remover quickly and efficiently decontaminants painted surfaces, wheels, and glass, dissolving industrial fallout that has penetrated exterior surfaces. 

Sprays on Blue, Turns Iron Orange

Most iron removers turn purple, but Stoner’s Iron Remover sprays on blue and turns orange to clearly identify contaminants like brake dust, ferrous rail dust, and industrial fallout. 

pH-Balanced Formula

Iron Remover is safe for paint, trim, glass, wheels, and tires. Its pH-balanced formula easily removes brake dust and is safe for use on all wheels.


Iron Remover will indicate metals naturally found in concrete, do not use on uncoated concrete due to potential stainage. Iron Remover with Indicator is safe to use on asphalt, coated and sealed concrete. If using on uncoated concrete, choose Iron Remover Indicator Free