Ultra Coat paint sealant

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Ultra Coat paint sealant
Ultra Coat paint sealant

Ultracoat Paint Sealant is an exceptionally long-lasting sealant made of high-quality urethane and polymers that are designed to provide durable protection and a high gloss finish to your paint for months.

This paint sealant provides an incredible amount of protection along with an extraordinary wet, glossy finish.

For years, carnauba waxes were regarded as the best of the best when it came to the protection and look of a finished car. That entire mindset changed when synthetic, polymer paint sealants became well-known. Synthetic waxes (often referred to as “paint sealants”) are able to offer much longer lasting protection than their natural ingredient-based counter parts while still providing the same glossy finish.


Be sure to wash and dry your vehicle before applying P&S Ultracoat Paint Sealant. Any paint correction or decontamination needs to be done before applying this sealant. Once your paint is prepped, apply P&S Ultracoat Paint Sealant either by hand using a foam wax applicator or by machine using a foam finishing pad. Allow the product to dry before using a soft microfibre towel to buff the product off the paint. Allow P&S Ultracoat Paint Sealant 4-6 hours to cure before exposing it to moisture of contamination.

Size: 946ml (32oz)

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