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Mothers ceramic Detailer


Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Detailer & Bead Booster is an instant detailer for vehicles that have a previously applied ceramic coating.

This booster leaves your paintwork with a liquid-gloss appearance making it appear as if it’s been freshly coated.

The Mothers Ultimate Hybrid range combines traditional car care with advanced science. The formula unites the tried and tested reliability of carnauba wax with cutting-edge nano quartz ceramic technology.

This Ceramic Detailer effortlessly removes dust, fingerprints and smudges. It also includes SiO2 to enhance the protective, hydrophobic abilities of any finish.

Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Detailer & Bead Booster is even effective as an instant detailer on finishes that aren’t ceramic coated and works on surfaces that have wax or sealant applied.


-          Boosts the properties of existing protection

-          Leaves a ‘just coated’ appearance

-          Combines carnauba wax with ceramic technology

Size: 710ml (24oz)

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