Poorboys 32oz large size Pro Polish

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Poorboys 32oz large size Pro Polish

Poorboy’s World Pro Polish 2 is an abrasive, heavy-duty polish. large size 32oz 

Pro Polish 2 has a little more bite than our Professional Polish with a heavier cut.

It was originally designed for heavy metal polishing but it also very effective on severely neglected paintwork.

In addition to abrasives, it includes cleaners to remove contamination and surface defects, like scratches and swirl marks.

Poorboy’s Pro Polish 2 restores surfaces, removing imperfections from clear coats, paints, metals, plastics and plated surfaces.

Pro Polish 2 contains no wax or silicone and is body shop safe.

You can use it on freshly painted surfaces to remove 1500-2000 grit sanding marks.

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