Poorboy's pure sealant EX-P

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Poorboy's pure sealant EX-P


Poorboys EX-P Sealant 473ml

Poorboys EX-P is revolutionary in the world of paint sealants. Typically, applying a paint sealant in direct sunlight is a BIG no-no. Well, EX-P shatters the rules on that one! Designed especially for use in high temperature climates on cars that sit in the hot, hot sun day after day: Its virtually a paint sealer on steroids! Because its so easy to apply, smells, looks and feels like tropical sun block, and can be used in the sun, you may just find looking forward to wax day! EX-P Sealant is an Amino Functional Resin sealant to provide protection and shine for clear coat or pigmented paints. May be applied in sun or shade. Apply to a small section of the car, carefully working it into the paint until it hazes and then buff off.

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