Poorboys Typhoon Microfibre cleaner

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Poorboys Typhoon Microfibre cleaner

Poorboy’s World Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner

Poorboy’s Typhoon Microfibre Cleaner thoroughly cleans microfibre cloths and pads and returns them to like-new condition.

Typhoon removes left over detailing products, such as polish, sealants and wax, from your microfibre.

This cleaner prolongs the life of your microfibre cloths and pads and ensures you are using clean products every time you touch your car’s surface.

Simply place your microfibres in the washing machine and pour 1-2oz of Typhoon into the machine. Set it to a warm/hot wash to thoroughly clean the products. After washing, spin dry with low or no heat in the dryer. Do not use fabric softener.

To clean foam buffing and polishing pads use Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner

Available in 16oz (473ml)

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